Parents may recall the nicknames for the low-potency pot of earlier eras: ditch weed, schwag, brick weed. THC potency, the chemical in marijuana responsible for most of its psychoactive effects, averaged just 3.7% THC in the early 1990s.
Now...average potency of flowers/buds in Colorado is 17.1% and marijuana industry websites boast strains can reach 30%. Furthermore, marijuana concentrates average 62.1% but potency rates of up to 95% have been recorded. 

The scientific research is clear that marijuana can permanently harm teens’ developing brains. These skyrocketing THC potencies raise the stakes considerably for Colorado youth.  

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Ultra-Potent Pot: Growing Risks & Impacts

This is dabbing, an increasingly popular way to smoke ultra-potent marijuana.
With a blowtorch and nearly pure THC resin, it's a far cry from the relatively low-THC joints of earlier decades. Hear from a Colorado high school student, his mother, a prosecutor and an adolescent addiction specialist. Plus learn about the impacts on Pueblo.

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Dabs with a flat iron…

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