While legalization is a seemingly simple concept,

in Colorado we have learned the nuances of condoning a previously illicit drug beginning with our medical marijuana market in 2000. This was a relatively new concept at the time with only seven other states having such a marketplace. Many subsequent audits found the Colorado medical marijuana market to be insufficiently funded and inadequately regulated. Regardless of the lack of a proper framework, Colorado forged ahead to vote in favor of recreational marijuana a mere 12 years after marijuana for medicinal use had been implemented. We have now seen the many unintended consequences that have followed a hasty regulatory system including off the chart THC potency levels, accidental ingestion by our children, and tragically two deaths. Smart Colorado hopes other states will look to our experiences when deciding on legalization and to always keep our children’s health and safety as a guiding principal.



Welcome to 2018

January 8, 2018 Dear Smart Colorado Supporter: Happy New Year. Thanks to you, we met our challenge goal for year end 2017! We are deeply grateful for your support, both financially and your willingness to stay engaged in this important effort to protect


2017 Legislative Update

When the Colorado Legislature is in session, Smart Colorado is in the halls of the state capitol working to protect kids from marijuana. Smart Colorado is the only non-profit organization focused on protecting the health, safety and well-being of Colorado


Federal Law & Pot

What does the White House marijuana stance mean for Colorado kids? You probably heard: White House spokesman Sean Spicer recently said to expect “greater enforcement” of federal drug laws, which list marijuana as an illegal substance. He added: T


November 2016 Newsletter

Marijuana wins on Election Day. Smart Colorado’s focus remains on protecting kids. Voters across the country and in Colorado this month faced a wave of marijuana ballot issues.  In almost every case, they opted for looser restrictions on pot. Voters in


October 2016 Newsletter

Group forms to oppose marijuana use in Denver bars, restaurants A Denver ballot issue that could allow marijuana use in bars and restaurants is being opposed by a new group called Protect Denver’s Atmosphere: Vote No on 300 Committee. Under initiated or