We expect many unintended negative consequences from mass marijuana commercialization.

While much is still unknown, we do know this:
  1. Decriminalization, legalization and commercialization are three very different policies
  2. Commercialization harms our children and our communities.
  3. Marijuana is particularly harmful to children and young adults because their brains are still developing.
  4. Marijuana commercialization in Colorado has opened the door for Big Marijuana reminding us of the history of Big Tobacco.
  5. The marijuana industry hassled the public to believe that the drug is not addictive, but credible studies in reputable medical publications show that it is.
  6. The marijuana industry has downplayed the negative effects of marijuana use, but the health risks are very real.




May 8, 2018 The Honorable John W. Hickenlooper Governor, State of Colorado 136 State Capitol Denver, CO  80203 RE:  Request for Veto: HB18-1258 Dear Governor Hickenlooper: We are writing to respectfully request that you veto the above-referenced bill.


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