Your Voices Were Heard!

May 14, 2014

House Bills 14-1361 and 14-1366, sponsored by Smart Colorado, require basic protections with respect to marijuana concentrates and edibles. These bills passed in the House and the Senate the final week of the legislative session. They now head to the Governor for his signature.  

Smart Colorado put a great deal of effort into raising awareness about the health and safety issues surrounding marijuana concentrates and edible products.  

The passage of these bills are important accomplishments for our children and the state, however, there is unfortunately a tremendous amount of work yet to be done.  

We must continue to urge the state to address critical issues including THC potency, serving size, data collection and youth education – sooner rather than later.   As we participate in the state rule making process and continue to weigh in on these important policy issues, we will keep you posted of new developments.

In the meantime, please take time to ensure your loved ones are empowered with the facts. Discuss the types of marijuana products being sold in Colorado, the THC content of the various products and the latest research that marijuana (even at significantly lower THC levels) can permanently alter and damage the developing brain. Continue to encourage your municipality to opt out of marijuana commercialization or at a minimum to wait until basic protections including the protections in House Bills 14-1361 and 14-1366 are actually implemented, which could take until 2016. To learn about recent and extremely concerning health and safety inspection issues with marijuana edibles click here.

If you haven’t had a chance, take time to donate to our efforts so we can continue our important work and take time to speak up and inform others when and wherever you can.

Together, we can make a difference for Colorado youth!

With deep appreciation,
The Smart Colorado Team

Smart Colorado ( is a citizen led nonprofit organization focused on protecting the health and safety of Colorado youth
as Amendment 64 is implemented.