Governor signs two marijuana bills into law – placing further restrictions on marijuana edibles and concentrates

May 22, 2014

Yesterday Smart Colorado was proud to stand with the Governor as he signed two important pieces of legislation into law, HB 1361 and HB 1366, which place additional restrictions on marijuana concentrates and edibles. 


Smart Colorado has been working with legislators since October to enact stricter regulations and additional limitations on marijuana products, and we are thrilled to see our efforts finally paying off.  These new laws are important steps in the right direction and Smart Colorado is proud to have initiated them.  
We would like to thank Representatives McNulty and Singer, and Senators Guzman, King, Johnston and Newell for their leadership in sponsoring these bills. We also want to thank the other groups who joined our coalition in support of these measures, particularly Children’s Hospital and all of the experts who spoke in favor of these bills.
Smart Colorado remains deeply concerned about the potency and accessibility of marijuana concentrates and edibles.  We continue to question the need to put marijuana into candy, soda and other sweet treats that appeal to young people, as these products inevitably end up in the hands of our kids and teenagers.  As Representative Frank McNulty said, “It is absolutely reckless to use children’s snacks, spray marijuana on them and then sell them.“
Smart Colorado will remain vigilant on these issues, trying to protect the health and safety of Colorado’s youth.  We also want to thank you for taking time to make a difference.  Your voice and involvement are critical – and the leaders in our state are listening to us!

With deep appreciation,
The Smart Colorado Team

Smart Colorado ( is a citizen led nonprofit organization focused on protecting the health and safety of Colorado youth
as Amendment 64 is implemented.