Golden City Council Votes “No” on Retail Marijuana


June 6, 2014

Yesterday the Golden City Council approved Ordinance No. 1977 to prohibit the location and operation of all retail marijuana establishments.  Many council members quoted the task force’s recommendations and the voices of the community for influencing their decision. “We are not denying the residents of Golden access to marijuana. If they want it, they can go elsewhere and buy it,” one city council member remarked. The ordinance passed unanimously with 6 “aye” votes and 1 absent.
Golden has shown their willingness to be a leader along with many prudent Colorado cities and counties that still have doubts. They have wisely opted out of marijuana commercialization or chosen to wait until critical uncertainties are addressed at the state level.
During the public hearing, one concerned parent quoted her five year old daughter when she asked, “Do the cookies at King Sooper’s have marijuana in them?” A climate of normalcy surrounding marijuana use is created when we allow these shops in our communities.  It sends a message  to our kids that there is nothing harmful about marijuana.  If we want to discourage our youth from consuming marijuana, it is critical we limit access and exposure to it.
“We applaud the leadership of Golden’s Mayor and City Council members and more importantly their willingness to listen to the voices and concerns of their citizens,” Smart Colorado advocate Diane Carlson remarked. “The law affords every city and county the right to put the health and safety of their citizens first by opting out of marijuana commercialization completely, or waiting until important uncertainties have been addressed before moving full speed ahead.” 

With deep appreciation,
The Smart Colorado Team

Smart Colorado ( is a citizen led nonprofit organization focused on protecting the health and safety of Colorado youth
as Amendment 64 is implemented.