In the decision regarding retail marijuana Littleton City Council says, “No”


July 2, 2014

Littleton’s City Council voted 4-3 in favor of prohibiting retail marijuana yesterday. Ordinance No. 13-2014 was debated as citizens weighed in against retail shops with their voices being echoed in the City Council’s decision.  Councilman Stein remarked that he did not want to see Littleton become the marijuana go to source between the two largest municipalities who have approved retail marijuana-Denver and Pueblo.

Under Amendment 64, municipalities have the authority to either prohibit, or license and regulate, the sale of retail marijuana.  With so many uncertainties at the State level, Smart Colorado strongly urges cities and counties to practice extreme prudence with this decision. There at least 97 municipalities who have already chosen to opt out of marijuana commercialization  and the trend has been caution and thoughtful consideration on the part of these City Councils’. 

We commend Littleton’s City Council for keeping our children and their future’s in mind while making this momentous decision. By allowing further marijuana commercialization we are condoning its use and thus sending the message to our kids that there is nothing harmful with using it. If we want to discourage Colorado youth from consuming the highly potent marijuana being sold in Colorado today, it is critical we limit access and exposure to it.

Smart Colorado advocate Diane Carlson stated, “We applaud the city of Littleton for listening to their community and waiting until important risks and uncertainties are sorted out at the state level.   We need to arm our kids with the facts about the extremely potent and deceptive marijuana products being sold today before we take a gamble by continuing to commercialize and promote their use and consumption.”

With deep appreciation,
The Smart Colorado Team

Smart Colorado ( is a citizen led nonprofit organization focused on protecting the health and safety of Colorado youth
as Amendment 64 is implemented.