Smart Colorado Spokesperson and Denver Resident,
Rachel O’Bryan, Speaks About 4/20 Celebrations

April 21, 2014

“Both the state and city of Denver have spent countless hours enacting new regulations to address Amendment 64.  Yet, this past weekend we saw marijuana users and folks from the industry openly flouting the laws by consuming pot in public.  If Denver can’t enforce its own ordinances because of the enormity of the task and lack of cooperation from the marijuana industry, then none of our residents or visitors are adequately protected.

Moreover, these activities show that the marijuana industry willfully betrayed many of their key Amendment 64 supporters who passed the amendment with important conditions to legalization – including that open and public consumption would not be permitted, and marijuana would be tightly regulated and kept out of the hands of those under the age of 21.

The messages we are sending our youth are deeply concerning.  Getting high is being encouraged, celebrated and glorified.  We already know marijuana at low THC potency levels permanently changes the developing brain.  We have no idea how the extremely high THC levels being found in many of the products being sold all over Denver will affect Colorado adults let alone Colorado youth 

There are still highly potent and deceptive marijuana infused candies and other sweets being sold in the market without adequate warnings and safety measures in place, despite two recent deaths in Denver directly connected to such products.  

Just four months into legalized marijuana sales, why have so few of the promises made by the marijuana industry been kept?” 

Smart Colorado ( is a citizen led nonprofit organization focused on protecting the health and safety of Colorado youth
as Amendment 64 is implemented.