Amendment 64 becomes law as Article XVIII, Section 16 of the Colorado Constitution. Important provisions in the article include: Definition of marijuana includes concentrates, theoretically pure form of THC; Colorado citizens 21 and older have a right to ... read more

By Executive Order, Governor Hickenlooper’s forms the Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force. It consists of 24 members who meet regularly for over two months.  Five working groups under the Task Force draft recommendations.  These working groups incl... read more

The Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force issues its report which consists of 58 recommendations. The process then moves to the Colorado General Assembly where the recommendations are considered by the Joint Select Committee for inclusion in legislation.... read more

The Colorado General Assembly regulates recreational marijuana by passing HB 13-1317, the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code, and SB 13-283 containing miscellaneous provisions with consensus support. HB13-1317 It renames the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Divi... read more

Deputy Attorney General, James Cole issues a memorandum “Guidance Regarding Marijuana Enforcement” to all U.S. Attorneys.  It shifts course from the previous guidance issued in 2011 and green lights the mass commercialization of marijuana.  ... read more