Fortune magazine reports in its latest edition that a “backlash is growing” against mass commercialization of marijuana in Colorado. It highlights Smart Colorado’s efforts to protect the state’s kids.

Fortune reports: “Now, as citizen groups attempt to put the brakes on the growing industry, a heated debate has emerged about the drug’s societal impact. Doctors report a spike in pot-related emergency room visits—mostly due to people accidentally consuming too much of potent edible pot products. Police face new cartel-related drug operations. Parents worry about marijuana being sold near their homes and schools. And less affluent communities like Pueblo struggle with the unintended consequences of becoming home to this emerging and controversial industry.”

In the article, Smart Colorado’s Diane Carlson raises specific concerns about skyrocketing potency levels, which have made Colorado’s pot a different, harder drug than what was smoked in the 1990s.

“We passed this thinking it was benign, that it was the stuff from college,” Fortune quotes Carlson as saying. “The industry is just moving too fast, and we’re playing catch-up while the industry is innovating.”

Carlson notes that pot has been proven to be harmful to the developing brains of adolescents. Higher potency levels just exacerbate the potential hazards it poses.

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