March 23, 2015

All Marijuana Edibles must be Marked or Identified
on the Product Itself

Our lawmakers need to hear from you: Important protections designed to ensure marijuana edibles are distinguishable and clearly identifiable are under attack.

Click here to e-mail and then call members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee before 9 a.m. Wednesday, March 25th.

Senate Committee – Health and Human Services (click on the email addresses below to contact legislators)
Chair: KEVIN LUNDBERG – 303-866-4853 –
Vice-Chair: LARRY CROWDER – 303-866-4875 –
IRENE AGUILAR – 303-866-4852 –
BETH MARTINEZ HUMENIK – 303-866-4863 –
LINDA NEWELL – 303-866-4846 –

“We have the right to know when and if marijuana is in a product, just by looking at it.”

What We’re Hearing from our Members:

“As a parent, I want to have the tools I need to teach my children the difference between a product that is safe for them to eat, and one that is infused with marijuana. Without clear markings on infused products, my ability to protect my kids is severely compromised.”


As you can see from the pictures linked below, many marijuana-infused products currently on the market are completely indistinguishable from the unadulterated products they mimic. Last year, the Colorado State Legislature overwhelmingly voted in support of House Bill 1366—important legislation requiring the state to implement rules that ensure that the almost 300 different types of marijuana edibles are distinguishable and clearly identified from the non-marijuana foods, candies and sodas they mimic. Now, instead of fully implementing this law, lawmakers are being pressured by the marijuana industry to remove these most basic protections that Governor Hickenlooper signed into law last year.

Click here to learn more about marijuana edibles.

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