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Stand up. Speak up.


If you believe food products containing marijuana should be clearly marked or somehow identified (via color, shape, stamp, etc.) outside of the packaging so not be confused with everyday food products, and you believe people have the right to know if marijuana has been added to familiar food items, take action!

Contact the governor’s office via email to show your support of marijuana regulation like H.B. 14-1266.

  1. Even if you cannot attend, you can  send an email  to  at the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED).
    • The subject line should say:  HB 1366 Public Comment
    • The comments should be addressed as follows:  Dear HB 1366 Stakeholders…

It’s important for MED to hear the views of the public on this issue, as it is in the process of creating the regulations to implement this law.  The marijuana industry has already tried gutting this law and minimizing its impact. Don’t let this happen: all marijuana foods must be identifiable!

If you see illegal open and public consumption of marijuana in Denver…

Contact the Denver Police Department non-emergency line: 720-913-9000

If marijuana odor is excessive…

File a nuisance odor complaint with the Denver Department of Environmental Health by calling 311

If you have a concern about a Denver medical marijuana dispensary or retail marijuana store …

Submit a complaint form to:
Department of Excise and Licenses Attn: Complaints
201 W. Colfax Ave. Dept. 206
Denver, CO 80202

or via email to:

Download complaint form by clicking here

If you have concerns about the marijuana store licensing process in Denver…

Contact Denver Excise and Licenses:

Stacie Loucks, Director of Denver Excise:

Judy Steele:

John Jennings:

If you see or suspect noncompliant or illegal activity or have any concern about a medical marijuana dispensary or retail marijuana store anywhere in the state…

Contact the Colorado Department of Revenue

Marijuana Enforcement Division

MED Tip Line at 855-277-7500

Lewis Koski, Director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division:

Overall questions and concerns…

Ashley Kilroy Exectutive Director of Marijuana Policy for Denver


Andrew Freedman Director of Marijuana Coordination, State of Colorado