Dabs – a highly concentrated form of THC administered all at once for a quick high.

Dabs can be, at a minimum, 4x stronger than a joint and can result in puking, extreme coughing fits, and psychosis… symptoms that even long-time weed smokers have described as “not worth it.”

Previously recreational users have been creating dabs at home using a process called “blasting” – resulting in home explosions and severe injuries. Now the process of creating these dangerous dabs is as easy as using a flat iron and parchment paper…a process called rosin.

Articles are all over the internet on the simple 3 step process – while the safer method will reduce injuries and explosions, it will also make dabs more common than the already are resulting in more accessibility to youth.

Education around the dangers of this “quick high” is very important. Please make sure you talk to youth in your circle about this topic.

For tips on how to talk to youth about marijuana view this guide.


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