Federal data: Colorado youth marijuana use tops nation

Newly released federal data shows that Colorado continues to lead the nation in terms of the percentage of teens who use marijuana.

The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that in 2014-15 more than 11 percent of Coloradans aged 12-17 had used marijuana in the past month.  That’s more than any other state.

Colorado also led the nation in past-month teen marijuana use in the federal data from 2013-14.  There was a sliver of good news in the latest data, as the Colorado rates declined modestly, suggesting that youth prevention efforts may be having an impact.

Meanwhile, since legalization, the potency of Colorado’s pot has reached unprecedented highs, dramatically increasing the risk to growing adolescent brains.

The increasing danger from potency makes it especially concerning that, according to state survey data, only 48 percent of Colorado high school students saw marijuana use as risky in 2015, compared to 54 percent two years earlier.

Smart Colorado makes an impact in 2016

This was a busy year for protecting Colorado kids from marijuana commercialization.

Thanks to supporters like you:

  • Marijuana edibles must now be marked so that food containing marijuana can be easily identified. Smart played an important role in the design and implementation of the clearly recognizable THC symbol.

  • We raised awareness that unprecedentedly high THC concentrates used for “dabbing” are growing in popularity with kids, resulting in tragic consequences. This was highlighted in national media coverage.

  • We helped activists in other states learn from Colorado’s experience with marijuana to hopefully prevent some of the mistakes made here from happening elsewhere across the country.

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