The Colorado General Assembly regulates medical marijuana by passing HB 10-1284. 

The bill contains the Colorado Medical Marijuana Code, Title 12, C.R.S. Article 43.3, as well as amends the Medical Marijuana Program, Title 25, Article 1.5, Powers and Duties of the Department of Public Health and Environment.  July 1, 2010 effective date.

 The Colorado Medical Marijuana Code:

  • Permits the operation of Medical Marijuana Centers and the sale of medical marijuana to caregivers and registered patients
  • Permits marijuana infused products including edible products, and excludes such products from the Colorado Food and Drug Act
  • Permits local governments to assert local control and prohibit medical marijuana businesses
  • 1,000 foot buffer zone for schools, alcohol or drug treatment facilities, the principal campus of a college, university or seminary, residential child care facility, local governments allowed to modify this provision*
  • Requires state residency to be an owner, operator, manager or employee of a medical marijuana business
  • Potency and other consumer safety testing is NOT required
  • Contains a sunset clause that repeals the entire Medical Marijuana Code on July 1, 2015

 The Medical Marijuana Program:

  • Requires and permits rule-making by the CDPHE, including development of a medical marijuana recommendation form for physicians
  • Minimally regulates caregivers, including permitting caregivers to serve more than 5 patients in exceptional circumstances
  • Prohibits the establishment of businesses that permit patients from congregating and consuming medical marijuana