January 2, 2015

How are Colorado kids faring under marijuana commercialization? Please read Smart Colorado’s end of year assessment, “Children’s safety over marijuana industry profits,”  featured in the Denver Post this week.

In 2014, with your support, Smart Colorado had a huge impact.

Smart Colorado initiated and secured key legislative protections while raising public awareness around marijuana edibles that are indistinguishable from regular candy and cookies posing a serious risk for kids of all ages, and marijuana concentrates that are vaped discretely in Colorado K-12 schools.  Smart Colorado also raised awareness on risks for youth that are compounded by the fact that THC, the mind altering chemical in marijuana, is reaching record high levels, making Colorado’s marijuana a stronger, harder drug.

But, unfortunately, there is much more that must be done to protect Colorado kids.

Like alcohol and tobacco, youth perceptions of marijuana’s risk directly relate to their likelihood to use it.  The fact that only 44.8% of adolescents surveyed believe marijuana presents a great risk is cause for serious concern.  Results from a national survey before recreational pot shops opened already show monthly marijuana use rates for ages twelve and up have increased dramatically, making Colorado second highest in the nation.

2015 will be an important year.  Your voice is needed more than ever.

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Colorado kids are counting on us!