Let’s make our voices heard! Send email on proposed new marijuana rules to DOR_MEDRuleComments@state.co.us

Smart Colorado is your advocate to make sure that the legalized marijuana industry, and Colorado regulators, protect youth by implementing strict regulations and greater protections with kids in mind. Many months of work are coming to a key moment on Monday, Aug. 31, when the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) holds a daylong hearing on new rules about marking and labeling marijuana products. WE’LL BE THERE AND WE WANT YOUR VOICES HEARD BEFORE THAT HEARING ENDS!

Here’s how you can participate. Send your comments on the proposed rules to DOR_MEDRuleComments@state.co.us. The deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1, but please send them by Monday, Aug. 31.

The MED rulemaking hearing will begin 9 a.m. Monday, Aug. 31, at the state Capitol in Denver. More details, and background on the proposed MED rules, at this link.

Below are key elements of Smart Colorado’s position. Feel free to cut and paste one or more of those Smart Colorado comments in your email — if you agree — and/or provide your own commentary.

Universal Symbol:
I’m disappointed that the Division has backed off its proposal to mark marijuana food products with a RED stop sign and has instead opted for a colorless, ambiguous diamond shape that lacks any real meaning. Red stop signs are ubiquitous and prompt a short moment of pause and caution. Stop signs are also easy to see and to spot, which is critical for parents and teachers trying to protect children and teenagers when it comes to marijuana foods and drinks. I strongly urge the Division to return to its original proposal.

Marking Drugged Food Products:
Thank you for taking such a thoughtful approach to ensure that marijuana food products are identifiable outside of their package, and for requiring those who choose to make products that cannot be marked to package their product in a single serving with a clear label indicating that the product contains marijuana. I strongly support these rules.

Prohibition on remanufactured and trademarked products
It’s shocking to know that people have made a business out of buying candy and cookies off the shelf, spraying them with highly potent marijuana, and then legally selling them without any indication of whether the food is drugged outside of the packaging. Thank you for now prohibiting these types of products in Colorado. I strongly support this rule.