Smart Colorado actively participates in the discussion around marijuana-related bills, advocating for kids on important policies.

Often, we are the only voice championing kids in the debate. We continue to raise awareness about today’s unprecedented THC potencies while urging policymakers to place much-needed limits. Our collective efforts include powerful expert and public testimony, direct discussions with lawmakers, and calls and emails from many of you. These result in many more policymakers agreeing that something must be done.
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The following are the results of key legislation which Smart Colorado was involved in this session. Our successes include:

      • strongly advocating for and assisting in securing much-needed funding for education, prevention, and research,
      • placing new limits on pot advertising to kids,
      • prohibiting certain marijuana edibles,
      • instituting protections for kids from homegrown pot,
      • placing thoughtful controls on medical marijuana in schools,
      • and granting immunity for reporting marijuana incidents.

When it comes to the risk of kids accessing homegrown marijuana, there’s no difference between medical and recreational pot. In fact, homegrown medical marijuana may pose a greater risk to children because the limits on the number of plants are so much higher than the limits for recreational marijuana. This bill aligned the regulatory treatment of medical and recreational marijuana to protect our kids and provide consistent safety standards.

This bill gives the state authority to regulate medical marijuana advertising that is likely to reach kids. Previously, the only advertising restrictions were on recreational pot.

Children can’t tell the difference between candy that is okay for them to eat and candy infused with marijuana. The commercialization of marijuana has led to the growth of edible marijuana products in forms that are enticing to children and are indistinguishable from regular candy. This bill prohibits certain edibles in the shape of animals, humans and fruit.

This legislation expands immunity for underage persons reporting and needing medical assistance due to marijuana consumption.

This bill, which Smart Colorado opposed, would have authorized the labeling and marketing of marijuana products as “organic.” Organic products are often chosen over conventional products because they are perceived to be healthier and less harmful. This sends a confusing message to our kids. For example, organic cigarettes carry a special warning that “Organic tobacco does NOT mean a safer cigarette.”

We applaud the courage of Littleton’s Council members who voted 5-1 to keep their city’s ban on marijuana commercialization in place and continue to put the health and safety of their communities and kids first. Thanks to those of you who came out to testify.

In a 7-5 vote, the Denver City Council in April approved a measure that caps marijuana facilities in order to “constrain expansion in the state’s largest market while providing new protections for saturated neighborhoods.” An important part of this new measure includes a requirement for new recreational marijuana grow sites to be at least 1,000 feet from schools. While there is much more that needs to be done to protect Denver neighborhoods and kids, this new measure is a start in the right direction. We would like to extend our thanks to council members Ortega, Herndon, New, Brooks and Lopez for voting with the best interest of kids first. We would like to thank all of you who wrote to Denver Council members urging them to limit marijuana proliferation and protect kids. Additionally thank you to those who participated in our press conference with Denver Councilmember Deborah Ortega highlighting the negative impacts marijuana commercialization is having on saturated neighborhoods. Courageous citizens said “enough is enough!” and that it’s not fair their kids have easier access to potent pot than fruits and vegetables.