Smart Colorado Spokesperson Diane Carlson on Marking of Marijuana Edibles during State Rulemaking Meeting Today

Smart Colorado applauds the leadership of Colorado state legislators and the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) in proposing a regulatory framework that includes marking all commercial marijuana products, including both recreational and medical, while aligning markings with the labeling, packaging and education efforts. The universal symbol of a red stop sign combined with the words THC provides the public a visible way of identifying marijuana while signaling risks are involved.

This comprehensive approach will ensure children and teenagers are better protected by providing a tool that allows everyone to know when and if marijuana is in a food, candy or soda. It also provides adults a way to discern whether or not a marijuana product has been purchased on the legal market.

We urge the state to implement the proposed rules as quickly as possible. We applaud the state for putting the health and safety of Colorado citizens, particularly our kids, ahead of marijuana profits.


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