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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new initiative; a quarterly newsletter appropriately called, “Circle of Impact.”  As a supporter of our work protecting kids and communities, we welcome you to this circle to keep you aware of what’s happening with Colorado’s marijuana policy, parent and school education, collaborative partnerships and updates past the borders of our own state. YOU are the most valued ambassadors of Smart’s work and we would not be here without your encouragement and financial support!

June 27, 2018

ANNOUNCING THE SUMMER GRANT CHALLENGE: A  generous supporter has set a challenge to YOU-our Circle of Impact community.  Each tax-deductible dollar up to $50,0000 will be MATCHED if donated by September 1st.  Your continued financial investment in Colorado kids is vital to continue Smart Colorado’s priority of raising public awareness via social media campaigns, billboards, partnerships, factual media reporting and legislative impacts…ALL important work to keep marijuana out of the hands of Colorado kids.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES: Smart played a big role at the State Capitol during this past legislative session providing testimony, engaging our grassroots network and advocating for regulations to protect kids.   Our big win was the VETO from Governor Hickenlooper on HB18-1258 that stopped the onsight social consumption of marijuana. Thank you for those that helped make that happen! Additionally, we worked to stop marijuana delivery as well as pot clubs, all which propel the continued normalization of marijuana use.

AND INTRODUCING: Julie Dreifaldt, the newest member of the Smart CO leadership team.  Julie joined Smart in April and has witnessed firsthand how Smart CO consistently advocates for Colorado kids. As the mom of three teenagers, Julie has a deep appreciation of our mission. Julie brings extensive event planning and fundraising experience to the organization.  Please reach out to Julie at and expand our circle by having us speak to a group of parents, a business organization or a private gathering in your home.

A NEW KIND OF LIBRARY: Pictures say a 1000 words…  Smart is pleased to announce the launch of the first of a kind extensive online photo gallery to serve as a resource for media and trusted adults to accurately depict today’s marijuana products.  Products have expanded WELL beyond “weed in a baggie” to include highly processed, highly potent forms with multiple methods of intake. Check out to see this informative resource and help us by sharing among your networks.

BE THE INFLUENCE: This spring, Smart, along with several partners, including Denver Public Schools and Denver Partnership for Youth Success, sponsored a new initiative, appropriately titled “Be The Influence”. This free program is designed to raise awareness and provides parents facts and tools to support their children in making healthy and safe choices. See what all the chatter is about at

COLORADO SPRINGS TARGETED CAMPAIGN:  Smart launched a month long campaign entitled “Deceptively Different” with a a press conference and a billboard strategically located on I-25.   Why is this important to all Coloradans and the nation?   As often stated, “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”  We must continue to support communities that push back on marijuana commercialization.

SAVE THE DATE! Smart Colorado’s fall luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3rd.  Please plan to attend and expand our network. Stay tuned for exciting announcements of our speaker line-up.

Please follow Smart on Facebook and engage with us on Twitter.  Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors.  We appreciate YOU and your continued support.  Now, more than ever, we thank you for believing and investing in Smart’s mission and continuing to make a difference.

Please feel free to reach out to me at or if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

With deep appreciation from all of us at Smart…thank you!

The Team at Smart Colorado


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