Smart Colorado participates in state rule making proceedings to address the health and safety issues involving in consuming extremely high THC concentration levels, serving sizes, and packaging requirements of potent marijuana edibles. Unfortunately, many cities and counties including Denver have moved full speed ahead with marijuana commercialization before any of these protections and safeguards have been put in place.

DENVER – Colorado marijuana regulators are looking to tighten the rules for pot edibles so that consumers don’t accidentally eat or drink too much.

Among the new proposals is random testing of edible manufacturing facilities at least four times a year.

The enforcement group that was instated in April is also looking to tighten labeling and packaging guidelines for edibles.

On Wednesday, officials debated whether edibles should be packaged individually, like bite-sized Snickers bars, or whether they could be scored, like a Kit-Kat bar, allowing consumers to then break-off a serving that is stamped with a symbol, like a marijuana leaf, to indicate its serving size.

Rachel O’Bryan is with Smart Colorado, a group that wants to limit the negative consequences of legalized retail marijuana on Colorado’s youth. She showed the group a bite-sized white chocolate raspberry truffle, which she said represented everything wrong with the edibles industry right now.

“Because what we end up with is a product that is 10 servings of marijuana in a bite-sized piece,” said O’Bryan. “This is why people are dying.”

The piece of chocolate O’Bryan displayed was infused with 100 milligrams of marijuana — that is 10-times the allowable serving size.

“They put 10 servings in a bag and you’re supposed to guess where one serving ends and another begins,” said O’Bryan. “The consumer is confused.”

“We want each individual consumer to come back and purchase again,” said Eric Speidell with the Green Solution, Infusions Edibles. “The last thing we want to do is see a consumer have a bad experience.”

Speidell said his company agrees with the 10 milligram max in each piece, and individual packaging.

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