Thanks to your support we continue to do BIG and IMPORTANT things! 

Together, with your incredible support, we have brought protecting kids to the forefront when it comes to marijuana policy and education. Our recent parent targeted education campaigns displayed above have been so successful, a generous Smart supporter has offered to match dollar for dollar your tax exempt donation up to $50,000. Please help us reach this goal by donating by November 30th so kids can be better protected and gain access to factual information about today’s marijuana.

Youth perception of the harm from marijuana has declined 6% in 2 short years, all while marijuana products have become stronger and more dangerous for kids.  We are working tirelessly to change this misperception among kids and adults. In addition to our highly successful education efforts that have received state, national and worldwide media attention, Smart Colorado continues to actively participate in statewide regulatory, education and policy making.

Smart Colorado has worked hard to help secure: 

  1. an additional 150 school based behavioral health professionals providing resources for kids around substance use, mental health, and overall well-being;
  2. the establishment of the first state marijuana information resource bank so that all Colorado schools will have free access to factual information about today’s marijuana and best youth prevention practices;
  3. advocated for important data collection on youth impacts and funding for education, prevention, and research;
  4. that the potency (including THC & CBD) for all marijuana products must be visibly displayed on the packaging;
  5. extremely high THC (over 75% potency) products must be displayed separately with highly visible signage;
  6. that marijuana infused products must be stamped “THC” on the actual product. Products that cannot be marked may not contain more than 10 mg of active THC;
  7. and marijuana products can no longer contain the word “candy” and foods can no longer be shaped in the form of animals or humans although they still may be sweet and contain color.

But we are not done yet!

Smart’s goals have remained laser focused since forming in March 2013 when protecting kids and their safety ranked last priority in state policy making.

Our goals as highlighted in the Denver Post column in 2014 remain:

  1. ensuring Coloradans under 21 receive factual information about the demonstrated risks of marijauna products;
  2. ensuring important data is collected and used for policy making decisions;
  3. THC potency limits on all forms of marijuana products and full public disclosure at point of sale;
  4. ensuring all marijuana products are clearly identifiable both inside and outside the packaging resulting in the the following symbols;
  5. strict regulations on types of marijuana edibles allowed and prohibit products that appeal to children; and
  6. one uniform, transparent and enforceable regulatory structure that is, at a minimum, as strict as tobacco and alcohol.

Thank you for your consideration of a donation by November 30th so that together we can continue to protect Colorado kids. Please contact us at with any questions.  Thank you for your continued and loyal support and engagement!



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