With Ohio set to vote on marijuana legalization in a few weeks, Local 12 News interviewed Gina Carbone to see just how well legal pot is working for our state.

Updated: Wed, Oct 14 2015, 12:51 AM 
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DENVER, Colo. (Jeff Hirsh) — With Ohioans set to vote on whether to legalize marijuana Nov. 3, Local 12 News wanted to know how legal pot was working in Colorado….

“The question really comes down to do we want to tax it and regulate it as a legitimate industry with legitimate players and have it tested with transparency, or do you want to keep it in the back alleys?”

Or on the business streets, Marijuana dispensaries as they’re called, are not hard to find. That does not please a parents group called Smart Colorado. There are age restrictions for buyers: 18 for medical, 21 for recreational. But Smart Colorado’s Gina Carbone said marijuana was still way too simple for young people to obtain and making it legal made it easier.

“We have over 300 marijuana shops. It’s more than McDonald’s, liquor stores, pharmacies,” she said.Read Full Story Here