Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division released emergency rules regarding marijuana infused products. The industry will now need to delineate edibles into 10mg THC sections for ease of consumption and understanding of potency.


One of the more common criticisms of Colorado’s marijuana legalization has been edibles, or pot-infused food, that make their way into children’s hands. Edible manufacturers and supporters of stricter regulations met Friday to discuss ways to better label and package the items, which appeal to minors because of their appearance that’s similar to candy, cookies and other treats. “As a manufacturer, whatever we end up deciding to do here, I will go back to the kitchen and say, ‘Guess what guys. We are doing it this way now.’ But we have to be careful about what that is, to make it practical for every manufacturer,” Julie Dooley, an edible manufacturer said. The state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division brought together about 20 people from different sectors of the pot industry, including doctors, law enforcement and producers, to discuss solutions that must fit new legislation requiring opaque and child-resistant packaging. “We bring experts in their own areas that can represent other stake holders,” Lewis Koski, the director of the Marijuana Enforcement Division, said. The group talked about the possibility of stamping, molding, marking or shaping products in a certain manner or with a universal symbol to make pot products stand out. But Dooley said it wouldn’t work for every product, noting that some ideas raised — like coloring food a certain way — wouldn’t deter kids from consuming. Gina Carbone of SMART Colorado, a group that protects children from marijuana consumption, says pot sellers are benefiting from legal edibles so they need to make sure they’re complying. “The fact that these manufacturers have the opportunity to make these foods and sell them and get license to sell them is a huge opportunity in itself,” she said. “So to take that extra step to ensure that this food is marked and is identifiable, I don’t think is unreasonable.”

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