Smart Colorado urges “yes” vote on Proposition BB to support schools and youth marijuana prevention

DENVER, Colo. — Oct., 22, 2015 — Smart Colorado urges a “yes” vote on Proposition BB, which will support public schools and state efforts to limit youth marijuana use.

“If Proposition BB fails, our schools and children will be shortchanged,” said Henny Lasley with Smart Colorado, a nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of Colorado youth as marijuana becomes increasingly available and commercialized.

Proposition BB will allow the state to retain and spend $66.1 million, which has already been collected, on schools and marijuana education and prevention initiatives, among other spending priorities.

“In the face of widespread marijuana commercialization, Colorado desperately needs to warn children and their parents of the demonstrated harm marijuana causes to adolescent brains. Proposition BB puts children first and is a step forward in supporting youth prevention efforts,” Lasley said.

If voters approve Proposition BB, $40 million will be spent on school construction. Other funding will include $2.5 million for marijuana education and prevention campaigns.

In addition, the measure will fund:

  • $2 million for bullying prevention
  • $2 million for drop-out prevention
  • $2 million for youth mentoring services

$1 million for local government marijuana impact grants
$500,000 for substance abuse screening, intervention, and referral
$500,000 for substance abuse treatment
“If Proposition BB fails, marijuana growers will get $24 million in refunds. The average taxpayer, in contrast, will get just $8,” Lasley said.

Lasley noted that this will be the third time that Colorado voters will vote on marijuana taxes.