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Dispelling confusion about today’s pot

Thanks to your support, the initial launch of our most recent parent-targeted education campaign, “Not What You Remember”, has been a huge success. As part of the campaign, co-founder Diane Carlson shares her family’s personal experience when her yo


Lessons Learned Press Statement

Contact: Henny Lasley, Executive Director, Smart Colorado Colorado’s marijuana experiment offers lessons for states with pot ballot issues Smart Colorado works to protect youth from growing commercialization, potency DENVER – Th


All marijuana is not the same.

In this CNN forum aired August 3rd 2016, Smart Colorado’s Diane Carlson engages Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson on the difference between low- to no-THC medical treatments and Colorado’s extremely high-potency pot. (starts at 29:50)

Marijuana Dispensaries Near Schools / Denver Post

In Denver, a growing number of marijuana shops are close to schools Source: Denver Post JON MURRAY | April 1, 2016 “We are making this attractive to kids and young people,” said Gina Carbone, a co-founder of Smart Colorado, a group that advocates for