Open and public consumption of marijuana has become an issue for Denver.  The number of citations for publicly consuming marijuana and displaying marijuana  have increased dramatically according to Denver Police and as reported by Colorado Public Radio.  In 2014,  688 tickets were written, and in 2013 during the same time period 117 were written, for an overall 471 percent increase.  

Marijuana public consumption tickets up 471 percent in Denver
Colorado Public Radio
Ben Markus, November 14 2014
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 A ban on open and public consumption of marijuana is written into the voter-approved constitutional amendment legalizing pot back in 2012. Denver officials also passed an ordinance last year setting fines of up to $999 if caught smoking in a public place.

“We have to look out for the betterment of the whole city,” says Christine Downs a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department. “And that’s what we do, so we cite people who are consuming in public.”

Downs added that tourists and residents need to know that the only lawful place to consume marijuana is in a private residence.

But tourists flocking to Denver, to buy at one of the city’s 101 licensed recreational pot stores, don’t have that option. 

Read full article here. 

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