Marketing firms like Cannabrand are dedicating their efforts to making cannabis products more attractive in an effort to increase their consumer base. In their attempts to market marijuana, “many of the marketing materials do not even mention the word ‘cannabis’ (or any other word for pot).”

Such marketing efforts only reinforce false messages our youth continue to receive that marijuana is not harmful, when countless research and studies have found otherwise.  Particularly, when marijuana is consumed during adolescence when marijuana use  can lead to extremely serious and permanent short- and long-term consequences, compromising a child or teenager’s health, well-being, and chance for a successful future.

The New York Times, In Colorado, a Rebranding of Pot Inc., October 3, 2014

By Jessica Bennett

Metal bars cover windows. Vinyl signs are tacked to walls. Guys in hoodie sweatshirts greet you from behind the counter. Even the act of ordering the product itself is borderline absurd. What grown adult can respectfully walk into a store and ask for an eighth of Green Krack and a nub of Big Buddha Cheese, please?

But that experience is changing, thanks to a new breed of entrepreneur in Colorado — young, ambitious and often female — that is trying to reach a more sophisticated clientele in everything from language to packaging to social events. [Read More]


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