Smart Colorado co-founder Henny Lasley wrote a letter to the editor of The Denver Post regarding clearly-identifiable marijuana edibles.

The Denver Post, Marijuana edibles should be clearly marked
April 8, 2015

Re: “Colorado shouldn’t give up on marijuana edibles,” April 5 guest commentary.

Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce president Tyler Henson’s comments on marijuana edibles are confounding. Did Coloradans ever imagine the marijuana industry Henson represents would manufacture or infuse hundreds of regular foods, candies and sodas to make them indistinguishable from the products many mimic?

The state law requiring that marijuana edibles be clearly identifiable outside their packaging was passed with the overwhelming support of legislators, parents, school officials and kids. There was broad consensus that all Coloradans have the right to know if they are consuming marijuana.

If Coloradans can’t differentiate marijuana edibles purchased legally from those produced and sold on the street, what was the purpose of legalizing marijuana in the first place?

Why does the marijuana industry continue to fight against this most basic public health protection, which reputable food and beverage manufacturers implement in a cost-effective way? When will protecting Colorado children and citizens come first, rather than last?

Henny Lasley, Greenwood Village

The writer is co-founder of Smart Colorado.

This letter was published in the April 12 edition.