Smart Colorado Recognizes Challenges,
Upholds Full Disclosure of Clearly Identifying Marijuana Products
at State Marijuana Law Enforcement Meeting

September 11, 2014

DENVER (September 11, 2014) — Today, a state marijuana law enforcement meeting in Golden, CO, discussed the wide variety of marijuana food products available and the practicability of clearly identifiable each product from its non-marijuana counterpart as dictated by Smart Colorado-sponsored bill H.B. 14 -1366.

Gina Carbone, one of the founding members of Smart Colorado and a member of the rule-making committee, offered a statement in response to the meeting:

“While Smart Colorado is sympathetic and understanding of the challenges the state regulatory faces in creating enforceable methods and to the business challenges presented to marijuana food manufacturers to change the way they make their products, ultimately we at Smart Colorado believe in the safety of all Coloradans through full disclosure of the presence of marijuana in a food products, no matter what form that product takes.

It is unfortunate that some marijuana manufactures place their profitability above the public’s ability to identify the presence of marijuana at a glance. However, it was encouraging to see many concerned citizens express their support of H.B. 14-1366 and regulations that clearly identify all marijuana food products.

Smart Colorado will continue to work diligently — just as it did during the process of signing H.B. 14-1366 into law — to ensure that every single edible marijuana product permitted to be sold on Colorado’s recreational regulated market is clearly and “practicably” identified and distinguished from non-marijuana products.

Smart Colorado and its supporters continue to believe in and endorse the Colorado Department of Revenue and its ability to uphold this law in full for the safety of all Coloradans.”

Smart Colorado is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the health, safety and well-being of Colorado youth as marijuana becomes increasingly available and commercialized. To learn more about Smart Colorado, please visit