Smart CO Offers Recommendation
at Marijuana Enforcement Division Meeting
on Marijuana Edibles

Golden, Colo. (November 17, 2014) – Today, The Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) concluded its fourth and final work group meeting to develop and review implementation recommendations for House Bill 14-1366. This law requires marijuana edibles to be “clearly identifiable” once outside of their original packaging in order to prevent accidental ingestion and help parents, teachers, and youth make informed choices.

Diane Carlson, a founding member of Smart Colorado, offered a statement following the meeting:

“While many cost-effective and thoughtful ways to implement the law were suggested, nearly every recommendation was dismissed by marijuana industry representatives. While the industry claims it wants to do everything possible to prevent accidental ingestion and give children, teenagers, and all Coloradans the right to know when marijuana is present in food, candy, or drink, their resistance to H.B. 14-1366 shows a different reality.”

Smart Colorado appreciates the working group comments and recommendations from law enforcement, student resource officers, and health advocacy organizations calling for comprehensive product transparency and identification. Smart Colorado joins other work group members in their support for our state health experts at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for not only recognizing the dangers of Colorado’s marijuana edibles and the need for clear product identification, but also for proposing an approval process before marijuana products are made available for commercial sale. Washington State has adopted a similar process to protect the health and safety of its citizens, and it appears to be successful.”

Smart Colorado also offered a recommendation with multiple practicable methods for marking the various types of marijuana edibles as a responsible and reasonable way to fulfill the mandate of H.B. 14-1366 to protect Colorado youth from accidental ingestion of these highly-commercialized marijuana products.

To see Smart Colorado’s full recommendation, click here.
To see the Department of Public Health and Education’s Recommendation, click here.


The law passed with a large majority in both the House and the Senate during the 2014 legislative session, and legislators declared the knowledge of marijuana’s presence in food once outside the packaging is a basic right for all Coloradans. Currently, nearly 300 types of edibles are available in Colorado’s recreational retail marijuana market, and many look identical to familiar non-marijuana food and drink products.

About Smart Colorado
Smart Colorado is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of Colorado youth as marijuana becomes increasingly available and commercialized. Smart Colorado is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.