STATEMENT: Smart Colorado Supports Upholding the Marking and Labeling Requirements that Ensure Marijuana Edibles are Clearly Identifiable and Distinguishable

Denver, Colo. (March 25, 2015) – Today, Wednesday, March 25, S.B. 15-136 was heard and unanimously failed in committee, which attempted to revoke many of the hard-won protections requiring that marijuana edibles are distinguishable and clearly identifiable from the non-marijuana foods, candies and beverages they mimic. The bill would have also limited important labeling requirements.

In the hearing, Senator Kevin Lundberg, Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, in closing stated, “I believe that legal edible marijuana products need to be clearly identifiable. I don’t believe simply putting it in a package is sufficient. […] if in fact legally produced and packaged and labelled marijuana products are [not] clearly identifiable […] it’s not legal; it wasn’t produced in a legal fashion, and I believe the industry needs to come to terms with that.”

Committee Member Senator Linda Newell echoed Lundberg’s concerns in that Colorado kids and adults alike are serving as guinea pigs in this high-stakes and highly risky experiment. “I believe in not only that kids should know what they’re ingesting, but adults. I wouldn’t want to be at a party and not know. […] Any accidental ingestion is too much.”

Smart Colorado supports ensuring all marijuana products are clearly identifiable both inside and outside packaging.

We, as Coloradans and the guests to our great state, must have the tools we need to teach our youth the difference between a product that is safe for them to eat, and one that is infused with marijuana. Without clear markings on infused products, our ability to protect our kids is severely compromised. Everyone has the right to know if they are consuming marijuana.