Currently, everyday food and drink items can by sprayed,
injected or infused with marijuana and sold to the public.
Although the package may indicate the product contains marijuana,
once the product is out of the package no one can tell the difference.

Your Voice is Needed!

If you think that marijuana edibles sold in Colorado should be distinguished from regular food items, outside their packaging,
add your voice to the growing list of concerned citizens.
Send an email to at the Marijuana Enforcement Department (MED).
The subject line should say:  HB 1366 Public Comment
The comments should be addressed as follows:  Dear HB 1366 Stakeholders

Last spring, with your support, Smart Colorado initiated, and engaged key stakeholders and legislators to secure the passage of HB 1366 requiring the state to establish rules on how marijuana edibles can be “clearly identifiable” through stamping, coloring or another demarcation. The purpose of this legislation was to eliminate the tremendous confusion such products create, to minimize dangers from accidental ingestions particularly with children, which is occurring with increasing frequency, and to give teenagers and adults the information needed to protect their personal health and safety. The bill passed with overwhelming support with many legislators declaring it is an important, basic right and protection for all Coloradans.

Unfortunately, the marijuana industry is trying to weaken the intent of the law, claiming there should be exemptions where it is too difficult or costly to clearly “identify” or “mark” or “color” marijuana products. Smart Colorado believes that the intent of the law should be carried out.

Marijuana foods should be clearly recognizable and should look different than regular food items.

This is a basic safety precaution. We believe that if the public doesn’t have a way of knowing whether a product contains marijuana, it should not be permitted to be sold in the retail recreational market.’Marking’ the food itself, rather than just the packaging, can help protect against accidental ingestions by young children, which have occurred at an increasingly alarming rate. Making marijuana edibles distinguishable – by use of a universal symbol, color or shape – can also alert parents, teachers or school officials that their child or student is consuming marijuana.  People have a right to know what they are consuming!

Read more about marijuana edibles in Colorado
and how they are affecting our youth.

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