protecting youth from marijuana

Colorado youth appreciate your investment
as the state navigates unchartered waters
and marijuana becomes increasingly commercialized.

The contributions of our sponsors go directly to protecting Colorado youth, as we have no financial interest and have volunteered our time and talents and those of countless others, while strategically engaging the skills of experts as needed. Our sole motivation is to see Colorado’s youth succeed.


Smart Foundations


Paul and Carol Archer
The Armstrong Foundation (Liz and Bill Armstrong)
Triune Foundation (Brenda and Michael Baller)
Sara Carpenter
Pete and Marilyn Coors
Dr. James and Kathy Crapo
Kineticorp (Gina and Steve Fenton)
Bert and Henny Lasley
Nexgen Resources (Charlie and Judy McNeil)
Doug and Diane Robinson
Kathryn and Tim Ryan
Julie Schauer
Michael and Susan Shank
Marilyn Ware, U.S. Ambassador (Retired)


Laura Agelopoulos
Michele Bergner
Rosalina Diecidue
Mona Ferrugia
Nayantara Ghosh-Ersek
Abbie LeFevre
Sally Lieb
Elizabeth O’Donnell
Sarah Possehl
Dan Ritchie
Catherine Rollhaus
Sandy Selby
Jill Spaulding
Kim Sperry
Lydia Woodard
Liz Wright

Updated 6/2/2016
We apologize if there are omissions from the above listed donors.

"Children are great imitators.
So give them something great to imitate."

— Anonymous