Surge in marijuana edibles being sold and used at Colorado schools reported
Fox 31 Denver

Smart Colorado co-founder, Gina Carbone, was recently interviewed by Fox31 Denver regarding the continued challenges Colorado youth are facing day-to-day in our schools. Despite the recent implementation of stricter packaging and labeling regulations for marijuana edibles, these products are still finding their way into schools. The problem is that once outside if its original packaging, marijuana edibles are still difficult to distinguish from the food, candies and sodas these products resemble.
This ongoing challenge has been highlighted with a recent case—among several—involving nine students in New Castle, CO accused of using and selling marijuana edibles at school. Students, parents, teachers and school administrators are finding it increasingly more difficult to protect Colorado youth while at school with nearly 300 different types of edibles on the market.  Carbone remarks that regardless of how they’re packaged, the wide variety marijuana edibles makes it very difficult to keep them out of school if someone really wants to bring them in.

Smart Colorado supports ensuring that all marijuana products are clearly identifiable both inside and outside packaging.Read our recent OpEd in the Denver Post here.

Visit the Post Independent for more information on the New Castle incident.


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