Colorado kids in middle school, high school, and college are constantly surrounded by marijuana, whether they want to be around the drug or not. Below is a personal testimony from a local high school freshman.

 The following testimony is from T.J., a high school freshman at Golden High School:

I see the use of marijuana every day and it is rising substantially. My brother, who is a freshman at Colorado State University, says he remembers when in middle school only two kids smoked marijuana. When I was in middle school last year, about 40 kids smoked marijuana. The school bus reeks of marijuana smoke from kids who smoked before I got on the bus. This didn’t happen three years ago. I watched a kid show up on the day of TCAP testing and just stare at the wall for one-and-a-half hours and didn’t even pick up his pencil.

Why would you even consider edible marijuana? It is packaged to look like regular candy and brownies. This makes it easier to hide and more dangerous, especially to younger kids who think it really is candy.

You can’t stop people from taking overdoses of edible marijuana. It is just too easy to consume. Kids go to parties at my school and are offered marijuana cookies. You’re only supposed to eat an eighth of the cookie, yet kids shove the whole cookie in their mouths. My friend said he saw a kid have a seizure and had to recover in the hospital for two weeks after eating an entire cookie.

Marijuana users are saying that we can keep this under control and not let kids gain access to it, but half the kids’ parents at my school are completely unaware that their kid has even tried it. Not even a week ago, a kid in my class was sent to he hospital in an ambulance during school because he had a seizure and convulsions due to an overdose of edible marijuana.

I’m scared to even take a brownie or candy that is offered to me anywhere. It’s so sad to see a kid’s life completely change (motivation and priorities) just because of this drug. This has happened to many of my friends.

Everyone is focusing on adult usage, but we need to focus on us kids. Don’t wait for more tragedies to happen. We are the future of this state and we matter! The eyes of America are focused on us, and I hope you make the right decision.