July 16, 2018

Smart Colorado depicts reality of today’s commercialized marijuana products with THCphotos.org

When the media reports on marijuana, they typically include images of leaves or buds — the traditional plant form that has been smoked for decades. But the reality of today’s products in Colorado and other states with commercialized marijuana is often quite different. These days, a majority of Colorado sales are edibles and concentrates, often with high levels of distilled THC, marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient.
These newer forms of marijuana products include sweets that are eaten, hash oils intended for vaping and dabbing, and colorless, odorless powders that can be added to any food or liquid. For concerned parents, these products may be hard to identify.

That’s why Smart Colorado has launched THCPhotos.org, an online photo gallery created to help the media and others accurately depict today’s marijuana products.

The free downloadable photographs are licensed by Creative Commons and visitors to the website are encouraged to use the photographs when reporting on or educating about commercialized marijuana. The license allows users to copy and redistribute the photographs in any medium or format, even commercially, with appropriate credit.

The public, including parents, teachers, employers, policymakers and health care workers, will benefit from an accurate portrayal of marijuana products sold in states where marijuana is legal.

“I am so excited to offer this resource to members of the media and others in the education and public policy sectors,” said Rachel O’Bryan, co-creator of THCPhotos.org. “The average person thinks of marijuana as a plant. This understanding is often reinforced by pictures of the plant whenever there is a news story about marijuana. Yet, the reality is so very different. We hope to raise awareness around this development so the public can have fully-informed discussions around marijuana.”

THCPhotos.org launched with 49 high-quality, high-resolution downloadable photos. We will add new photos of additional products over time. Each photo depicts actual products bought in Colorado paired with factual and descriptive captions.

We encourage you to check out THCPhotos.org and share it with media and others in your community, especially when you see inaccurate or dated depictions of marijuana products.

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