Denver Police Department’s Sgt. Brett Hinkle and Smart Colorado’s Gina Carbone comment on the danger of accidental ingestion of THC that marijuana edibles present this Halloween or anytime for that matter. From Sour Patch Kids to peanut butter cups, popular kids’ candy can be infused with marijuana with no visible change in appearance. Once out of the original, labeled packaging, marijuana candy puts the health and safety of Colorado youth at risk.

These look-a-like pot treats are also deceiving to parents and teachers who don’t realize that teenagers could be consuming marijuana right in front of them.

Reuters, Treat or nasty trick? Denver police warn of pot-tainted candy, October 17, 2014

By Daniel Wallis

The two almost identical gummy bears sitting side by side, coated in sugar and tinged with the same red hue, may end up in a trick-or-treat bag, but only one is plain candy. The other is loaded with marijuana.

As children around the country prepare their costumes in anticipation of Halloween goodies on Oct. 31, police in Colorado are warning parents that some treats may not be all they seem.

“Apples, gummy bears, there’s a ton of different edible stuff out there on the market that’s infused with marijuana,” Sergeant Brett Hinkle of the Denver Police Department’s marijuana unit said in an official podcast. [Read More]


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