Gov. Hickenlooper’s veto of public marijuana use bill places kids over industry profits


June 6, 2018

On June 4, Hickenlooper vetoed Colorado House Bill 1258, which would have let marijuana stores open additional facilities where customers could use today’s new and different high-THC marijuana products like edibles and concentrates on site.

Smart Colorado, along with other organizations that support public health and safety, expressed concern that HB18-1258 would further commercialize marijuana products and contribute to more drugged driving.

That’s why we asked Smart Colorado supporters to urge Hickenlooper to veto HB 18-1258.

Thank you for making your voices heard. Gov. Hickenlooper, in vetoing the measure, highlighted some of the very points we had stressed.

According to the governor: “Amendment 64 is clear: marijuana consumption may not be conducted ‘openly’ or ‘publicly’ or ‘in a manner that endangers others’. We find that HB 18-1258 directly conflicts with this constitutional requirement.”

He also said in his veto letter that the bill could promote “further normalization of marijuana use in the eyes of youth.”

This was a legislative session where Smart Colorado continued to push back against marijuana industry efforts to expand commercialization. “Enough,” we said. It’s time to put kids and communities before this unrelenting push for more industry profits.

We succeeded in stopping the tide, at least for the just-completed legislative session.

Help us continue to build momentum. We are grateful for your donations that make our ongoing work possible. Thank you for your help. We couldn’t do it without you.



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