Email Public Officials With Your Concerns

In your emails, please share why you think it is important for citizens to know when marijuana is in food or drink by making those products “clearly identifiable” from normal foods outside of their packaging as H.B. 14-1366 specifies. Please support the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) in their recommendation of  a pre-approval process for all marijuana edibles intended for commercial sale. This legislation is not about packaging rules, contrary to claims from the marijuana industry. Click here to learn more about the law and understand the important issues.

  • Email Corrie Martinez from the Marijuana Enforcement Division

    Comments submitted to this email go into the public record and play an important part in what the Department of Revenue (the state agency responsible for regulating recreational marijuana) recommends to Colorado legislators on how the law should be implemented. In the email, the subject line should say: HB1366 Public Comment, and address your comments to “Dear HB 1366 Stakeholders…

  • Email Governor’s office by clicking here and selecting “Share Your Opinion.”
  • Email Dr. Larry Wolk, Director of Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment, at
Together with your help, House Bill 14-1366 passed the House and Senate during the 2014 legislative session with overwhelming support. Legislators claimed that it is a basic right for all Colorado citizens to know if and when marijuana is in food, candy, or drink once a marijuana product is outside its packaging (read a letter from legislators about the intent of the law).
Colorado citizens currently don’t have this right, even though many marijuana edibles are highly deceptive and aren’t required to meet the health and safety standards of other non-marijuana food products. See a list of recreational marijuana edibles currently available.

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