January 8, 2018

Dear Smart Colorado Supporter:

Happy New Year. Thanks to you, we met our challenge goal for year end 2017! We are deeply grateful for your support, both financially and your willingness to stay engaged in this important effort to protect kids. We want you to know we are extremely thoughtful of how every dollar is spent.

We have a big and important year planned to meet the following goals:

  • Expand our compelling parent campaign statewide to empower more adults with the information they need to better protect Colorado kids.

  • Continue to change the conversation by impacting legislation and educating policymakers that the days of “weed in a baggie” are a thing of the past. Additionally, advance the knowledge that Colorado lawmakers are regulating a commercial THC market where keeping kids safe must be one of our state’s highest priorities

  • Actively challenge and encourage the media to portray today’s new and different marijuana products in accurate and informative ways to drive better outcomes.This includes policy and education that reflects key differences between high THC marijuana, “CBD” oils and “hemp”(marijuana that contains little to no THC) and a better understanding of why these differences matter.

  • As perception of harm of all marijuana continues to decline, address dangerous misinformation gaps so negative impacts for kids can be better protected.

As Colorado begins the 5th year of marijuana commercialization,  2018 started off with an announced change in federal policy.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions, rescinded the Cole memo, which had originally set forth certain parameters that would trigger national law enforcement activity. 

Smart Colorado was inundated with media inquires from local, state and national outlets. Our message was clear and consistent that our tireless work will continue.

While it remains too early to know with certainty what this will mean in Colorado, our continued efforts to educate policymakers, media and the general public remains as important as before the announcement.

What we do know is that Smart Colorado will continue our goal to raise awareness and inform parents and adults about today’s marijuana and the impacts to kids and our communities now more than ever!

If you didn’t have time in 2017 to donate or would like to consider an additional donation, please click here.

Thank you for making a difference!

With deep appreciation,
The Smart Colorado Team