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New Scrutiny of Sweets – NY Times Reports

Accidental ingestion of marijuana this Halloween is no treat for Coloradans — however much marijuana-infused candy looks and smells just like kids’ favorite snacks and candy. While marijuana industry advocates say that there is no real threat of accid


This Is Your Brain on Drugs

Doctors and researchers across the country are concerned that existing research documenting mental health risks for adolescent marijuana users is no longer sufficient. That research, while showing serious and long-term health impacts, was largely conducte


Students Finding New Ways to Sneak Pot into School

Parents and teachers face a brand-new challenge  keeping marijuana out of the hands of minors. With a range of cleverly-disguised products like highlighters and vape pens, kids can obtain marijuana products easier than ever before. High school students i


CO Counties Banned Marijuana Sales


Major Pieces of Legislation Passed


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Denver Marijuana Facilities


Denver HS Seniors Have Tried Marijuana

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