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Marijuana Products NOT Tested Before Sale

While Colorado state regulators struggle to answer basic questions about marijuana potency and testing, an independent study by USA Today found discrepancies in potencies listed on marijuana product labels. These products are not tested for mold, pestici


Denver Post Stands Behind HB 14-1366

The Denver Post Editorial Staff proclaimed “if a recognizable industry stamp or sprayed-on color doesn’t differentiate the items from non-marijuana products, then they shouldn’t be sold.” The news outlet stands behind the full implementati


New Pot Shops on the Block Not Always So Popular

Business owners voice sharp criticism over new retail pot shops moving into their neighborhoods, and zoning regulations often force pot shops into already-struggling parts of town. The tension continues to grow in Denver over the message that pot shops se


CO Counties Banned Marijuana Sales


Major Pieces of Legislation Passed


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Denver Marijuana Facilities


Denver HS Seniors Have Tried Marijuana

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