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Public Marijuana Consumption Citations On The Rise

Open and public consumption of marijuana has become an issue for Denver.  The number of citations for publicly consuming marijuana and displaying marijuana  have increased dramatically according to Denver Police and as reported by Colorado Public Radio.


Unexpected Impacts of CO’s Marijuana Policies

In a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association Drs. Andrew Monte, Richard Zane and Kennon Heard highlight the history of Colorado’s marijuana policies and the unexpected impacts such policies are having on the health systems in C


Jeffco Students Speak Out

Colorado youth are concerned about marijuana, especially the widespread misperception students and their friends have that using the drug is healthy, not harmful. The Just Say Know youth team at Jeffco Public Schools decided to create a video to help educ


CO Counties Banned Marijuana Sales


Major Pieces of Legislation Passed


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Denver Marijuana Facilities


Denver HS Seniors Have Tried Marijuana

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