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60% of HS Students Say Marijuana is Harmless

Risks to Colorado youth from using marijuana are considerable yet perception of risks remain low.  Only 44.8% of Colorado adolescents surveyed in recently released Colorado Healthy Kids Survey believe consuming marijuana presents a great risk.  In a re


Colorado Ranks 2nd in Nation for Youth Marijuana Use

Colorado is second in the nation when it comes to regular marijuana users ages 12 and up, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health Survey data from 2012-2013 showed marijuana monthly use increased by 22% from 2011-12.   California policy e


A Year in Review

 Kids in role of “guinea pigs” 1 year into Colorado’s recreational pot “green rush” DENVER – Colorado’s children are playing the role of “guinea pigs” in the statewide experiment in recreational marijuana legalization and early signs po


CO Counties Banned Marijuana Sales


Major Pieces of Legislation Passed


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Denver Marijuana Facilities


Denver HS Seniors Have Tried Marijuana

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